Via @chorizomurray Instagram

Via @chorizomurray Instagram

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Anonymous: do you know maybe where band live? I mean is it east London, south or sth?

Hi! All I know is that they live in east London and, if I’m right, I remember reading that, more specifically, in the north… Northeast.
(Anyway I’m not good with locations, so, if someone know better please tell us)

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Review TOY, Barcelona (x)

Review TOY, Barcelona (x)

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By Outsiders (x)

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The show yesterday was soo amazing omg


The show yesterday was soo amazing omg

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-TOY, Berlin Comet 14/03/2014

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Anonymous: Happy smougall day!!

I think you’re talking about Tom and Hayley’s anniversary, right? If so, happy -late- Smougall day for them! :)

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Toy talk essential gear

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TOY in Barcelona (x)
Photos by: Pablo Luna Chao

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Last night Toy was amazing!! The crowd was great and I got front row. And they are all so cute and nice. And at the end of the gig I waited for a while when finally Tom and Maxim came out. I asked them for a picture and Maxim said that he liked my shoes. I told them how great they are and how amazing had been the gig and Maxim took my hand and shook it and Tom did the same and they said that it had been nice to play here and hopefully they’ll come back soon. They were so nice and sweet and cool! I still can’t believe it!


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Tom Dougall by me


Tom Dougall by me

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Liverpool Live TV’s Jess Rafferty catches up on the latest with TOY before their gig at East Village Arts Club.

Directed & edited by Corey Riddiough of La De La Creative.

Sound City archive footage by Freakbeat Films

Brought to you by Liverpool Live TV & EVOL

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